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Top 7 Best Oil for Lawn Mower

There are different types of lawn mowers and they run on different engines. To get the best performance from your mower, you need to be sure of exactly what type of oil is suitable to use with it. This way, your mower’s engine will continue to work smoothly for a long time to come.

In other words, if you use the right kind of engine oil in your lawn mower, you will be able to extract many years of life out of it, thus, getting the best bang of your buck. You will also notice that if you use the right kind of engine oil in your mower, it will reduce the overall oil consumptions and your cost of repairs and maintenance.

In this post, we will guide you in finding the best oil for your lawn mower, one that will boost the life of your machine. So let’s begin!

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W

Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W

The best oil for small engines that works in most climates is Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W motor oil. This will serve you well even if you use synthetic oil in a lawn mower. The reason it’s the best oil for lawn mower is that a huge number of customers have used it and all reported its effectiveness.

With Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W, oil consumption drops down, the engine begins to perform well with less friction and stays cool for longer, continuing to run like new.

It is a superb synthetic oil for air-cooled engines as well. Equally great as 4-stroke synthetic oil or 4-cycle engine oil, this engine oil is the biggest name in the lawn mower industry. It is highly recommended by a number of users and hence you can use it for OEM engine oil replacement. This small engine oil is recommended for all types of lawn mowers and it will limit all your maintenance and repair costs as well.

Configuration: 30W
Type: SAE
Meets specifications: 4-cycle engines
Quantity: 48 ounces


  • Top quality engine oil best known for keeping engines cool.
  • Has a tendency to reach those small areas in your mower’ engine and keep them friction-free.
  • Your small engine will remain clean for longer periods and your oil change intervals will increase significantly.


  • Not the ideal option for high temperatures.

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Types of Oil for Lawn Mower

As we have mentioned, there are different types of lawn mowers that require different types of engine oil. Some people also use motor oils for this purpose, which work in a similar fashion. These motor engine oils are designed to work in smaller engines as well, so you can use them too. But we would suggest that you use those motor oils only when you don’t have access to dedicated mower oils.
You need to make the right choice based on the climate in which you live. We have listed some of the most frequently-used types of oil from different regions and continents.
lawn mower oil type

SAE 30

There are SAE 30 small engine oils that are designed for warmer climates. They are by far the most frequently used motor oil for small engines, and are installed in machines like lawn mowers.

SAE 10W 30

These oils are made for climates where temperature varies. While this oil has a tendency to increase the overall oil consumption, it is good in cold starting.

SAE 5W 30 Synthetic

These oils cover the discrepancy of increased oil consumption, and also stays effective in cold starting.

SAE 5W 30 Semi-Synthetic

These oils are better suited for extremely cold temperatures.

Vanguard 15W 30

If you are looking for a wide temperature range, then you need to go for Vanguard 15W 30. This oil is excellent for consistent use, and you can use it for commercial purposes.
When you are going for mower oil, choose top-quality oil with classified detergency. This includes the likes of For Service SI, SH, SG, SF, or anything higher. And don’t go for any of those special additives. Synthetic types are suitable in all temperatures. Using this oil will not alter the intervals for oil change.
Oil capacity of different lawn mowers may also vary from one to another. If we’re talking about walk-behind mowers, then the oil capacity will range typically from 16 ounces to 18 ounces. But in the case of riding mowers, the oil capacity ranges from 48 ounces to 64 ounces. You need to change your mower’s engine oil annually or every 100 hours, whichever comes first.

Best Oil for Lawn Mower

Oil for lawn mower Best for
Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W Briggs & Stratton and almost all other lawn mowers
John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard Craftsman lawn mower
Briggs & Stratton 5W 30 Synthetic Briggs & Stratton and almost all other lawn mowers
Toro SAE 30 Troy Bilt and other lawn mowers
Honda PK2 SAE 10W 30 Honda and other lawn mowers
Kohler PK2 10W 30 Kohler and Troy Bilt lawn mowers
Pennzoil SAE 30W Briggs & Stratton and Honda lawn mowers

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John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard

John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard
The John Deere Turf-Gard is one of the best oils for lawn mower of different types. All the parts of your engine will keep running smoothly. Your lawn mower’s engine will not heat up and there won’t be any deposit formations as well, and your mower’s engine will wear better and last longer. This is the best motor oil for small engines. Recommendations: Best motor oil for small engines.
Technical Specifications:
  • Top quality small engine oil.
  • Reduce deposit formation.
  • Limits friction.
It also works for you can also use it in your vehicles if you want.
Limits friction and improves fuel economy.
During cold starts, your mower’s engine will do great.
Your machine will keep running smoothly.
The filter starts making noises.
Not the best option for extreme cold temperature.

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Briggs & Stratton 5W 30 Synthetic

Briggs & Stratton 5W 30 Synthetic
If you are looking for powerful mowers or you own a riding mower then this oil will work the best. This oil will adequately lubricate even the smallest parts of your mower’s engine, and will prevent them from friction and overheating. There won’t be any development of deposits, and your engine will keep working at an excellent rate. Recommendations: Best Craftsman riding lawn mower oil. Best lawn tractor motor oil.
Technical Specifications:
  • Stops varnish and sludge protection.
  • Great in cold conditions.
  • Good enough for riding lawn mowers.
Good choice for cold start-ups.
Equally efficient in warm-weather conditions.
Your engine will not experience any varnish or sludge development.
Limits fractions and prevents overheating.
Not great for sub-zero temperatures.
More coking will occur in dusty condition.

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Toro SAE 30

Toro SAE 30
This is the best oil to take care of corrosion and it works well in old machines. These machines have engines that are wearing out. It is a good choice as a Honda small-engines oil. You can also use it as synthetic oil in your Honda lawn mower. It’s the best oil for Kawasaki mower engines as well. The oil consumptions will remain under control. Recommendations: Best synthetic oil in Honda lawn mower. Best oil for Kawasaki mower engine.
Technical Specifications:
  • Drops fuel consumption.
  • Top choice as lawn tractor motor oil.
This oil can work as your engine’s fluid and oil.
There won’t be any friction inside your engine.
Great choice for Honda and Kawasaki mowers.
Frequent oil changes.

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Honda PK2 SAE 10W 30

Honda PK2 SAE 10W 30
This is a pretty decent oil that you can use in different temperatures. It also works well with all Honda lawn mowers. It can significantly improve the overall performance of your lawn mower so that it keeps operating smoothly. There won’t be any friction in your engine, and hence it will also reduce any production of heat as well. Recommendations: Best synthetic oil in honda lawn mower. Best lawn tractor motor oil
Technical Specifications:
  • Prevents sludge from developing.
  • Great for overall engine lubrication.
  • Best for Honda powered lawn mowers.
No sludge or deposit development.
Less oil consumption.
Engine becomes more durable as there is less friction and overheating.
Less frequent oil changes.
Not great for hot weather.

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Kohler PK2 10W 30

Kohler PK2 10W 30
This oil is another good choice. You can use it in different weather conditions, and it will increase the overall efficiency of your lawn mower. It will also significantly reduce noise that the engine produces as well. Recommendations: Best lawn tractor motor oil. One of the best oils for lawn mowers.
Technical Specifications:
  • No varnish or sludge building.
  • Top notch engine performance with excellent lubrication.
  • The movement of machine parts stays quick and efficient.
No sludge development.
Reduced oil changes.
Reduce engine noise.
Good for different temperatures
Not for high temperatures.

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Pennzoil SAE 30W

Pennzoil SAE 30W
This is a good choice if you are looking for Craftsman riding lawn mower oil, and it’s a decent alternative to your Briggs & Stratton motor oil as well. It can also serve you well as synthetic oil in Honda lawn mowers. It has the ability to effectively lubricate those small areas in the mower engine, and keep the movement fluent. You won’t have to deal with any sludge developments, either. Recommendations: Best Craftsman riding lawn mower oil Briggs & Stratton motor oil alternative
Technical Specifications:
  • Great for old engines.
  • Runs smoothly.
  • Better for different temperatures.
No sludge developments.
Reduces noise.
Limits friction and overheating .
Filter starts creating a lot of noise.

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Oil Type by Lawn Mower Model

Briggs & Stratton

Engine type: OHV engine
Oil capacity: 18 ounce
Engine power: 140cc
The Briggs & Stratton lawn mower has a 0.8L OHV engine with 18 ounce oil capacity. The manufacturer recommends using standard, API SM certified 5W 30 or 10W 30 oil, but the following are also useful:
Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W
John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard

Craftsman lawn mower

Engine type: Single cylinder
Oil capacity: 48 ounces
Engine power: 500cc
The Craftsman lawn mower has 0.8L single cylinder engine with engine oil capacity of 48 ounces. The ideal oil type for this mower is the API SM certified 10W 30 or 5W 30 motor oil. However, you can also opt for following:
John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard
Briggs & Stratton 5W 30 Synthetic

Troy Bilt lawn mower

Engine type: Single cylinder
Oil capacity: 48 ounces
Engine power: 100cc to 500cc
The Troy Bilt lawn mowers feature different engines and most of them have 48 ounces of engine oil capacity. They recommend going for API SM certified 10W 30 or 5W 30 oils. Nevertheless, you can choose these too:
John Deere SAE 10W 30 Turf-Gard
Honda PK2 SAE 10W 30
Briggs & Stratton 5W 30 Synthetic

Bolens lawn mower

Engine type: OHV engine
Oil capacity: 48 ounces
Engine power: 125cc +
The Bolens lawn mower features an OHV engine with 48 ounce oil capacity. Bolens suggests choosing standard 5W 30 or 10W 40 API engine oil. But these are good as well:
Kohler PK2 10W 30
Pennzoil SAE 30W

MTD lawn mower

Engine type: OHV engine
Oil capacity: 32 ounces
Engine power: 150cc +
The MTD lawn mower has an OHV engine with 32 ounces oil capacity. The best oil type for this mower is 10W 30 but you can also choose the following:
Kohler PK2 10W 30
Honda PK2 SAE 10W 30

Oil for Lawn Mower - Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

There are some important features that you need to keep in mind when choosing motor oil for your mower. First of all, its type needs to be considered because different engines have different requirements. Then you need to see how much of it is needed so that you can purchase an appropriate amount, making sure nothing gets wasted or left over. Here are some of the important points that you must consider before buying the right engine oil for your lawn mower.

Oil types for lawn mowers

There are different types of engine oils for lawn mowers. These include SAE 30W, SAE 5W 30, SAE 10W 30, and Vanguard W50. We have described all these types earlier in this post for your convenience. so refer to that part of text for better understanding. Choosing the right kind of oil is necessary because it is designed according to the age and type of an engine. For example, you can use SAE 30W instead of 10W 30, but SAE 30W is made for older engines while 10W 30 is for modern engines. So you will immediately feel the difference. Apart from that, viscosity is very important.


Viscosity is the thickness of a fluid and its ability to flow. If an engine oil is thick, then it will get even thicker in cold temperatures. Whereas in hot temperature, oils become thinner. This variation in fluidity according to temperature is called viscosity, and it influences any oil’s ability to lubricate everything inside an engine and reach all the smallest of regions. Thicker or more viscous oils will have a difficult time reaching those small areas, but if they make it they will stay there for longer periods and keep the frictions low. More diluted oils will easily get into those small areas, but won’t stay there as long. So you will have to decide according to the climate of where you live.


You need to purchase the right amount of oil so that nothing gets left behind when you are done using the bottle. For instance, if the engine oil capacity of your lawn mower is 48 ounces, and you buy 2 bottles each of 40 ounces then you will have to store 32 ounces until your next oil change. Then, you will again have to buy another bottle that will also leave a lot of oil to spare, and then you’ll have to store that as well.

Is there any difference between a 4-cycle oil and a regular one?

There is no difference between these two types of oils. The 2-stroke or 2-cycle engine oil is formulated in a way that you can mix it with gasoline. There is no separate area for the oil to go. On the other hand, 4-stroke or 4-cycle motor oil is your regular engine oil that you use in your car.

Can I use my motor vehicle engine oil in my lawn mower?

If you have a big lawn mower then you can go for your automobile oil and use it in your mower. But if your mower is smaller, then you cannot do so because it runs on smaller engine oils.

The best time to change oil in a lawn mower?

The answer to this question heavily relies on the specs that are specified by the manufacturer of the lawn mowers. Some of them are designed in a way where you don’t need to change their oil at all. You must consult the owner’s manual of your mower to find the right answer. It is better to change the pool at least once a season of use, or after about 60 hours of mowing (whichever comes first).

How to check the lawn mower oil level

You have to follow the following steps to check the oil level in your lawn mower.

  • Just apply a slight pressure (clockwise) on the dipstick cap to twist it open.
  • Now remove that cap and, using a rag, clean it for clear reading.
  • Place the dipstick cap (cleaned) back and match the groove top with the cap’s teeth.
  • Now, with some pressure, turn the cap (counterclockwise) to lock it.
  • Do the 1st step again and twist the cap clockwise with a slight pressure.
  • Remove that cap again and see the oil level.
  • If the level is low, fill it in ounces and close the cap.
  • Give it some time and check the level again by repeating all the above steps.

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